Budget Planning

We are professionals in budgeting projects of any kind, because we have the experience and qualification required in such activities.

Budget Planning

A. Budget planning

Immediately after finalizing the lists of activities that constitute the project, the budget can be established to a large extent. We keep track of your requirements; we pay attention to details and ensure that your budget covers the project requirements.

B. Organization of auctions/procurements

Being involved in many large projects, we are demanding and motivated to find the best contractor/general entrepreneur r with proven experience and ability to meet your project requirements.

C. Cost tracking

Procurement monitoring, site material consumption monitoring, procurement planning, negotiation of purchase prices, and many other activities are the basis for obtaining a maximum profit or fulfilling the established budget.

D. Cost reduction

The fact of choosing the right technical solutions entails a clear cost control and proven efficiency in spending money. But when initial technical solutions can be adjusted and optimized, the costs can be significantly reduced. It is only based on skill, experience and good understanding of the project.