Customer Representation

Customer Representation

A. Technical assistance

There is many times when you need a professional or a full team in the field of construction, a person who can solve various atypical/unpredictable technical problems or who can guide you in choosing the right technical solution you need.

B. Contracts follow-up

We have experience in tracking and enforcing the commercial terms stipulated in our execution contracts and we know what the critical points are and how we can turn the contract into your advantage.

C. Elaboration of bids/offers/job situations

Regardless of the project you are involved in; all your effort is useless if you cannot get your money for your work. That’s why it’s important to be able to offer or settle correctly and in a timely manner to fit within the deadlines set with suppliers. You will always have a clear picture of the expected profit and costs to be incurred.

D. FIDIC Contract Support – Yellow or Red Book

We have the necessary training and experience to track, manage and ensure fair, equitable and reasonable conduct of contract terms in FIDIC contracts.