Project Management

Your projects are the most important for us. We are interested in their evolution and make sure they finish as they were planned. We are specialized in the project management of large and small construction projects for industry, agriculture, residential and commercial fields.

Project Management

A. Project management

We take great care of all the phases of your project from idea phase to the end. We do the pre-project studies, we collect all the information, design or follow the design and approval phases, we help you to choose the best builder, advise you how to make the contracts, what acquisitions shall you do to get the best price/quality, we ensure that what is being done is quality and correct and, last but not least, we deliver a correctly executed project with the correct budget and anticipated profit within the planned time and with a real forecast of operating costs and maintenance.

B. Contract management

Contracts are the most important elements in the life of the project; they are the basis for the success or failure of the proposed targets. Good advice, a clear contractual clause, a balanced contract and a high degree of reasonableness and fairness bring success to any commercial relationship and ultimately guarantee the achievement of the proposed goal.

C. Management of construction works

Construction works are complex activities involving a multitude of professionals with various specializations, who need to be motivated and directed towards the same goal. Everything depends on the talent of the manager and the degree of understanding of the project and the objectives to be achieved.

D. Risk management

At any beginning you need to know what can stop or distract you from your goal. The risk anticipation relates to the degree of competence of the project manager and a clear risk management strategy can save time and budget.