Project Planning

Project Planning

A. Details of project activities

Any project needs a detailed list of the underlying activities. In order to have these details, we have to answer a series of questions:
  • How do we finish the project?
  • What resources are needed for this?
  • What constraints do we have in the evolution of our activities?
  • How long will the whole project last?
  • How many workers will we need?
All these, as well as many other questions, we will detail them in an execution schedule that we will prepare and you will approve.

B. Allocation of resources

From the very beginning, it is very important to find out what resources are needed to complete what you have been proposing. Without this you may find yourself on the road that you do not have the necessary ones and it takes a long time to get them. Proper organization of resources saves a lot of money and time in any project.

C. Details of needed materials

Our site experience has taught us which materials are appropriate for each type of activity. Our proposals will be based on technical data, lifetime and cost to the proposed budget. The experience has shown us that when we used the right material or the right technology, the benefits were seen in the low operating and maintenance costs.

D. Site planning

The work schedule is important because it guides you at every step, and a good site organization saves time and money. Every detail is important and must be valued and optimized from planning moment.