Site Supervision

Our experience on the site can also be transferred to your project. We use all of our engineering knowledge and we help you work well and efficiently. Our team has the training required to respond to any of the site's requirements for the following key functions in the job site:

Site Supervision

A. Independent site engineer supervisor

As per legislation in force, the Independent Site Engineer Supervisor plays an extremely important role in the execution of the project, being the certification of the quality of the works that are executed. Our team has the necessary certifications to supervise all types of works, as required by law.

B. Technical expert with execution

The Technical Expert in charge of execution is an important part of the Execution Team that certifies to the contractor the quality of the work that is undertaken and maintains contact with the Independent Site Engineer and the other factors involved in the execution of a project.

C. Site Engineer

The Beneficiary may request the permanent presence of an Engineer on the site, who will coordinate and supervise the execution work, if needed.

D. Certified experts

In the life of the project, there may be times when a technical expert, an auditor, or a specialist engineer is required to intervene. Within our team, we have such support and collaboration so we can respond to any demands and requests.